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Our Mission


Bnk Sys is a global consulting company aiming to provide top notch IT and systems-related services to banks, formal financial institutions (FFIs), and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Our mission is to help our clients leverage the power of their software (primarily Temenos T24 or InclusiveBankingSuite systems), reduce their exposure to systems threats, capitalise on business opportunities, and protect employees and assets. Our personal approach is widely recognised.

The People


Bnk Sys is owned and operated by Lucian Fratila (LinkedIn). He has been lead technical consultant and/or senior advisor on more than two-dozen implementations, upgrades, and other large projects for a wide and select range of microfinance institutions and commercial banks.

In addition to the renowned consulting services provided by Lucian (references available upon request), we have access to a network of highly skilled professionals specialising in business consulting, hardware, technology, accounting, security, and support.



Bnk Sys has been actively cooperating with banks, FFIs, and NGOs from all over the globe. We are particularly strong in working under tight conditions, in countries that are economically less developed. We are experienced in dealing with multi-national organisations, cultural differences, under-technologised environments and unclear regulations. We are pretty good in wearing multiple hats.



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"Lucian is a greatly respected expert - not just in his major technical field (Temenos T24) but also in all the ancillary web technologies and architecture needed to provide resilient, secure channels for core banking. He's a great guy to work with, and has always gone an extra mile for external and internal customers." - Justin McAuley, Global Digital Financial Systems Architect at VisionFund International

"I have loved having Lucian as a colleague. He is hard-working, reliable, promptly and comprehensively answers to my T24 questions. He has an excellent knowledge of the intricacies of T24, and is able to recommend, among different options possible, which one is the best among these. He is a team player and always delivers timely his part. Lucian is a great professional and will be a great addition to any team lucky enough to have him." - France Barral, Thematic Programme Manager at VisionFund International

"When I first met Lucian, his boss at the time, said that he is literally the smartest guy he ever met. I have remembered that and shortly, I was aware that he was right. Lucian was a service provider and later on member of our team. In both roles, he has performed extremely well. Depth of his technical and business knowledge is fantastic but that is not the best thing about him. The way how he combine all that knowledge to deliver best possible service is amazing. We have worked together on many projects. He is a team player with a strategic thinking. It was a privilege to work with him side by side." - Zoran Novakovic, Training Global Lead at Oradian

"I have a long and trusted relationship with Lucian at Opportunity International where he has played a key role in bringing superior banking system expertise to the microfinance community. I am proud to call him a colleague and a friend. I continue to work with Lucian in my new role as Executive Director of MicroPlanet Tech because i know when he is on the job, it will get done right, on time, and with sound basis of knowledge and care for the clients needs." - Daryl Skoog, Sr. VP Technology at Opportunity International

"Lucian is a class of his own... a thorough professional, very analytical and focussed on his mission. Not only does his job 100+, but adds great value to the job. Leaves a lasting impression on you... Will be a blessing to any company who can get his time." - Ross T. Nathan, COO at Urwego Bank, Rwanda

"Very thorough and analytical, Lucian is an excellent technical expert that finds quick and optimal solutions for almost any IT problem. He has very good documentation skills which makes his work transferrable, thus contributing to building capacity all the time. We worked together in multiple banks' start ups and his contribution to serving the poor was tremendous." - Diana Cazacu-Jamieson, COO at Banco Terra, Mozambique

"It is my pleasure to recommend the work of Lucian Fratila. I have known Lucian both as a co-worker and later as his director for 10 years. A technician at heart, Lucian is a rare breed of technical expert that works comfortably with technicians and with non-technicians alike, and is an effective communicator." - Frank Livingston, Director of Implementations and Integration Services at Opportunity International

"I've worked with Lucian for coming up to 9 years now, he has always had exceptional technical abilities (not restricted to just the T24 world) but has developed a shrewd business mind as well. An excellent communicator and documenter, as well as working very well in team situations, I always look forward to working with Lucian again." - Andrew Beale, Sr. Banking Systems Project Manager, Opportunity International

"Extremely technical savvy and focused, Lucian was most probably the best employee at iMediasoft, undertaking multiple projects at the same time with no apparent effort. Alongside with multimedia development projects, he maintained our Linux web servers and defended against hackers, I remember one time he even came to the office on a New Years Eve to stop an attack. He is very passionate about his work and a friendly person, easy to talk to and open minded." - Mark Vasile, Senior Software Engineer at iMediasoft



"It was a pleasure working with you, I finally got to put the face the name after seeing all that source codes at OI [Opportunity International] with your name on it. Over the past 8 months I have learnt a lot from you and hopefully it will help me achieve great things in my career." - Chitsanzo Phiri, IT Manager, VisionFund Malawi

"For many years we have known each other, you have been very instrumental. Your microfinance knowledge has been very helpful. Thank you for all the things you managed to contribute at your capacity. You did not leave us stranded rather helping at each point. It is very difficult to let you go, BUT time has come for you to support more people. I wish you all the best friend" - Marco Salimu, Head of IT, VisionFund Tanzania

"I would like to thank you for the knowledge you have been sharing with us. You have been great help, time server and trouble rescuer." - Sia Mwamolo, T24 Support, VisionFund Tanzania

"On the behalf of the VFU IT Team, I would to thank you for the support you have always offered to us. We are really saddened by your departure from VFI fraternity. We shall miss you but we promise to keep in touch." - Philliam Mwesigwa, Head of IT, VisionFund Uganda

"I personally enjoyed working with you and will forever remain appreciative to you for your contribution to VFZ and myself personally in terms of T24." - Lawrence Zyambo, ICT Manager, VisionFund Zambia

"You were one of the very first I met from VFI. Thank you so much for all the help and guidance you have provided to me and our team. Whenever there was an issue you were always there to help us. And I know [the CFO and the IT team] will totally agree with me on this. So from all of us at IT and whole of VFL a big thank you to for your constant support." - Shalinka Fernando, IT Project Manager, VisionFund Lanka

Client Locations

  • Romania
  • Moldova
  • Albania
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro
  • UK
  • France
  • Malawi
  • Rwanda
  • Mozambique
  • Tanzania
  • Zambia
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Congo DR
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Cambodia
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • USA
  • Haiti
  • Colombia
  • Mexico